3 Benefits of Business Blogging

Thinking of blogging for business purposes? Aside from benefits within SEO (search engine optimisation), there are other benefits of blogging!

We know just how important blogging can be! By offering additional and┬árelevant information, about any news and services, a business has the potential to reach new clients, develop existing relationships and become established within it’s own industry.

Blogging for Business Benefits

Develop Online Engagement & Relationships

blogging for business purposes

Blogging for business purposes is extremely beneficial in the long run!

Business blogging has the potential to establish and maintain a connection with existing clients, while also reaching out to new customers. Creating content that readers may want to come back to engage with each week is valuable in connecting people to your brand, increasing their awareness of your services. This is especially useful if your business is local or smaller, aiming your blogpost around something readers in the local area are likely to relate is great for online engagement. If a new customer sees you are keeping up to date with your website, including news and announcements, they are likely to think of your brand more positively!


Differentiate from Other Businesses

Developing a successful blogging strategy can also help customers differentiate your business from others of similarity. Providing your clients with interesting and engaging online content will make your company stand out! And potential customers are much more likely to have more respect for your business after putting in this extra effort. Also, if you build up a sufficient following because the blogging, the website might become a destination for where people find trustworthy, quality information! A point of call before making a decision about something.


Opportunities For Sharing

social media sharing

A great opportunity to develop your business online!

Another benefit of blogging for business purposes is the opportunity to share the post on social media. Not only can you share the blog post to your own social media sites, readers have the ability to share what they have read. The time you to take to create a post, adding your own personality and style to it, while blogging about something worthwhile, will provoke others on social media to share what you have written! Though it may seem like something not worthwhile to begin with, blogging for business purposes can expose your services and products to new audiences extremely quickly.

Blue Sword can help your business with their online presence by providing web design and digital marketing services. Because our services are so varied, we offer advice on all things web, check out our last post for more information about the looming GDPR! Blogging is just a small part of creating an online presence for a business. If you think your business is in need of some support or additional advice when it comes to web development, contact us.