How is artificial intelligence impacting society?

Have you ever wondered what artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the world, today? More often than is apparent, AI is influencing your life or society in some way. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will develop in years to come and continue in transforming the world. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence an area and development of computer… Read more →

Social media personalised marketing is crucial – improve your online presence!

Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are nowadays, just as much of a helpful tool in recognising a good brand as a search on the internet. The quality of a company’s social media presence is very valuable. The ability to provide personalised marketing through social media is one of the reasons many companies are focusing on it. What’s your brand personality?… Read more →

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Become A Better You – how technology is improving our health!

Technology improves health in a variety of ways! Keeping us healthy and active, many different aspects of health rely on things like the internet.  With a greater access to information people have more knowledge about their health. Developments in technology enable us to live longer! From improvements in treatment to fitness apps, technology is helping us to remain healthy each… Read more →

Meet the Client – BoConcept

Company Contact: Adam Davidson, BoConcept Glasgow & Edinburgh.   What does your company do? We help our customers and clients design their perfect room or workspace using our range of customisable Danish designed furniture and accessories. We have a team of Design consultants who are all degree qualified in interior design, product design, interior architecture or similar. They love helping… Read more →

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Your Insight into the Tech World – The Mobile World Congress 2017

Exhibiting new technology, new gadgets and the latest innovations the annual Mobile World Congress took place this week. The event, which has become about much more than just mobile devices, took place in Barcelona over a four-day period. The hype surrounding the event geared towards 5G, the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 and the significant improvements in phone camera quality!… Read more →

Memorable Campaigns You Shouldn’t Miss!

Advertising campaigns can change the way a brand or company is viewed. Hoping to gain a following or identify their audience through a spokesperson, many campaigns use real people and celebrities. In 2016, there were many memorable campaigns! L’Oréal Paris A successful and popular advertising campaign from 2016 is L’Oréal Paris’ latest campaign from August 2016. Which had the aim of… Read more →

Meet the Client – 9T9 Fitness

Company Name 9T9 Fitness Limited   Company Contact David Nowell-Cook.   What does your company do? We sell some of the oldest modern fitness equipment there is! Indian steel clubs and steel maces. For hundred of years, and in the case of maces, thousands, these were used across Persia and India, amongst other places, by warriors to train for conflict.… Read more →

3 Mobile Trends for 2017

With the ever increasing popularity of mobile apps, the mobile trends for 2017 are no surprise! The importance of having an app for your company is relevant now more than ever!   Location Based Services Location based services will continue this year to enable mobile app users to be exposed to deals and more accurate, relevant information based on their location.… Read more →