Cannes Lions – Festival of Creativity

Running from the 17th to the 23rd of June, the annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity has taken place this week. Gathering people from the advertising, digital innovation and marketing industries the festival celebrates the best in brand communication creativity. This year people like fashion designer Alexander Wang, A$AP Rocky and big names from advertising and communication industry have attended.… Read more →

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3 Truly Scottish Marketing Campaigns

Scottish marketing campaigns are always a bit different, featuring Scottish culture, charm and humour. This week’s Marketing Society Star Awards have highlighted just how successful Scottish marketing is in catching attention! Greener Scotland – “Emissions Impossible” Launched in 2016, the objectives of Greener Scotland’s climate change campaign aimed to emphasise that lots of small actions will make a big difference. The… Read more →

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4 Memorable Advertising Moments in May

This month there were some particularly memorable advertising moments. It is very important to realise what makes a successful advert, sometimes companies can get it very wrong! Visit Sweden and Air B&B Sweden pulled off one of the most memorable advertising moves of 2017 so far, not just in May! The tourism collective, Visit Sweden put their entire country on… Read more →

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Marketing Nation Summit 2017

What did can we take away from the Marketing Nation Summit 2017? The event, held in San Francisco from the 23rd to 26th April, gathered more than 6,500 international marketing leaders. It was hosted by Marketo, a leading company in marketing automation. Overall, the key outcomes we can take away from the summit are; Complete Consumer Focus In this digital… Read more →

Meet the Client – EasyWays

Company Name EasyWays Company Contact Andrew Fernie What does your company do? Since 1996 EasyWays has been providing a service to walkers on the traditional long distance routes across Scotland.  This is primarily focused on the West Highland and Great Glen Ways but the company offers 15 routes in total and has recently expanded operations abroad into Norway, Tenerife, Italy… Read more →

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Highlights of Google I/O 2017

What are Google’s plans for the upcoming year? The Google I/O Keynote 2017 took place this week in California. The Google keynote annual conference, which was led by Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained what Google’s intended futures are for its operating system Gmail, Google Assistant and much more! Though the conference is developer focused, there is lots of news for consumers!… Read more →

How is artificial intelligence impacting society?

Have you ever wondered what artificial intelligence (AI) is used in the world, today? More often than is apparent, AI is influencing your life or society in some way. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will develop in years to come and continue in transforming the world. What is artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence an area and development of computer… Read more →

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4 Great Examples of Emotional Marketing Campaigns

There was an emphasis on authentic story telling in marketing at this year’s Marketing Nation Summit. The purpose of marketing is to provoke emotions and gain a reaction. Over the past year, brands have fully adopted emotional marketing. Using animals, real life experiences etc. to create a memorable and emotive experience. Do you remember these campaigns? Marks & Spencer For… Read more →